A collection of little gifts, presented Throughout the week from 27.3. – 3.4.2021 on this website to celebrate one year of SPEAK!

Day 1: Music Video for Within by Kevin Pham

Grandmaster of Electrovisual Grafitti Kevin Pham made a Video for Within – a psychovisual trip beyond compare!

Watch here:

Day 2: Remix by Captain Piromono And His Schizophonic Orchestra

My Friend Peter Pussarnig a.k.a. Captain Piromono and his Schizophonic Orchestra made a great mash-up remix!

Listen here:

Day 3: Scans of some Demo and Recording Documentations

Some insights in my documentations… For everyone who always wanted to take a glimpse into my head during recording and writing.

Day 4: Demos

Demo Recordings and some songs which didn’t make it onto the LP.

Listen to the demos here:

Day 5: Cake!

Nobody wants to miss a delicate cake on his birthday!

Day 6: Whitening Powerup Version

I made a danceable version of Whitening in my synth-corner!

Watch here:

Day 7: A surprise

On the last day, there is a little surpise…

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